What a week!!! Simply because i liked ‘the Source’ magazine’s page on facebook they did me the grand good of sending me the KIM KARDASHIAN BREAKS THE INTERNET’ package which i’m sure most of you must have seen… America is trying hard to turn us into rags; so we struggle to be like them in practically everything and ONCE they brand some brainless person doing a meaningless thing a ‘rave’ or ‘celebrity’, we immediately gobble up and start following these people (whether good or bad). Let me say categorically that the day i catch my daughter watching any stupid ‘celebrity’ channel on t.v such as ‘E!’ i will skin her alive. People such as Kim Kardashian and Taylor swift are America’s best example of ‘Stardom-for-NO-apparent reason’. Yes they are getting money (like every normal Nigerian would say) BUT the fact that some brain-dead people pay more attention to them than to what is happening in our society is the more reason why this country will continue its backward sprint…And this re-echoes our nature of wishful thinking when we are not able to face the problems directly infront of us….instead we find everything and everyone else to blame but ourselves. I was thinking about this, when Mynaij.com posted another screaming headline on facebook- ”Stop Talking, Start Acting” – CHIBOK COMMUNITY SLAMS OBAMA…..and then i lost my nerve!….
I need no further convinction to know that we are at the hallmark of stupidity in our nationhood!. Chibok? Seriously???!!
What do we think we are in this country??

The Same way our Super Chickens rigmaroled all year (while their mates were busy working hard) and expected God to perform epic miracles for them to qualify for the Nations Cup (AFTER playing sloppy, ugly, cowardly football and losing games they should have won)- that is exactly the same way the Nigerians in Chibok are trying to blame a Barrack Obama (who sits a million miles away in Washington) for the woes their sons and daughters in power (whether local or state government have caused them)- what arrant nonsense!!!
So barrack Obama doesn’t have better things to do but to send help from a million miles away (as if he sees a cent of the oil money we are swimming in)…. A country where 25 freaking BILLION Naira went godamn missing AND a hair of the economy wasn’t hurt instead it soared (and the case has since been swept under the rug)…. A country where our damn senators earn 100 million naira CASH and get so much more for lobbying on those dirty floors they call national and state assemblies YET Barrack Obama should start ACTING on freaking chibok? The heck!!! What are we smoking in this country???!!! It has to be a new brand of weed because this is an unpreceedented level of high!!!
It is madness!….when people still hold parties like there is no tomorrow all around the country and spend ‘loushi-loushi’ on totally worthless goods/travels and host the most expensive weddings. Our senators, ministers, president, first lady all jump at any opportunity to roam about wasting transport and convenience money on diesel, fuel, food and shelter in the name of ‘functions and cordial visits’.
A nation where the first lady is wasting money shutting cities down in style and doing fashion parades around the country….
Barack ur-papa go help you fight boko haram!
The same Obama we branded a devil for not giving us a drug that was yet to recieve international certification to cure Ebola….
Nigerians have been so washed up by cable channels they now think they are Americans and literally live in America!
Make Obama come wash toilet for us na!
*At this juncture i put on my ‘market woman face’*
”See u, a whole u”, self-acclaimed Giant of Africa, a country where a senator earns a salary far higher than that of the president of the United States Of America!.
A country where ONLY civil servants pay regular income tax YET we make BILLIONS in turnover…..
The most painful part is that some people who were supposedly learned enough were in support of the ‘Obama call’…. Shame!!
Our governors and presidential candidates are now dancing around again with bags of rice and beans; and since ‘money’ is our main motive of living in this country i can confidently say the worst is yet to come….
So Obama should help you but when he also insists you partake in the ‘Gay Rights Cake’ you will start running helter-skelter calling him the Devil….. You accept one you accept all that is the way it goes idiots!!

Shebi Biafra bin just wan simply exclude herself from Naija BUT Naija flex her muscle dat time dey form ‘boss’, enta east go dey butcher everybody wey dem see. Now common group of terrorists dun dey sieze territory Naija fit cough.

Zed Agubata

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