Legendary rapper Tupac was shot out on a driveway in Las Vegas in 1996, the news reported and he was pronounced dead six days later’.

To this day, many people still believe he is alive because nobody attests to seeing his body in the coffin…. Fast forward to 2014, the news broke out at an alarming speed (with graphic evidence ) that our very own BOMBician extraordinare, Youtube sensation, wiz-TERRORIST and pop icon of jihad, Ibrahim Shekau is dead!.
The minute i saw the newspaper and read the headline again, i knew the drama in the aftermath would be unprecedented. Next thing i saw the subtitle ”Cameroon , Nigerian forces disagree over details”, and i gave a hard dry laugh. In an issue of this magnitude, i thought the Nigerian Army would be different from our shameless politicians and not go ‘see-saw’ like primary school pupils, and be precise enough with SOLID evidence that it was indeed Shekau who was gunned down on the same day. I mean AMERICAN troops went as far as Islamabad in Pakistan- into ANOTHER GODDAMN COUNTRY! (under the nose of the pakistani defence) and killed Osama Bin Laden and took his body to the lab for confirmation! Shekau was under their freaking noses in SAMBISA-IN NIGERIA! And you wan tell us say, you no know weda na HIM you kill? – SHAME!… Please what is so hard about solid evidence?. Or you think Nigerians are fools – in this age of pot-belly soldiering? Our forces had been giving lame excuses of having lesser weapons than the terrorists, how come ALL OF A SUDDEN Shekau was overpowered?! (hmm). There is something fishy about this SUDDEN over-powering and the dis-agreement over details of the fatal attack does not help the confidence of Nigerians in their military forces. In America there was ONLY ONE story>the Navy Seal Team vi (6) and the details of the attack were precise and the same through out all the tabloids (to this day) and OBAMA announced on live TV-on a governmental scale-that INDEED it was OSAMA that had been killed!… What is so complex about the Shekau story? Where is his body (the only piece of evidence)?.
NO!! not the way of Nigeria, Everything is politics over here!
Pictures are simply not enough! (They could be manipulated) and why is there a dispute over Nigerian and camerounian forces about who indeed killed the terrorist?

We are giving Shekau far more than he deserves, and the fact his death maintains an ‘Osama-esque’ mystery and he got killed in a RANDOM battle NOT even in an organised precise attack…hmmm….. The Nigerians are watching and after all the #BringOurGirlsBack campaign… AFTER scores of our loved ones have been killed, sisters/daughters/mothers raped, and children rendered parent-less, we deserve far better than this shabbily-dressed-hastily-served news the army is offering us.

Shekau deserves nothing more than shooting him mutiple time in his knee-cap, slowly amputating his hands and legs, pulling his hair follicles from his scalp one by one, dipping him head-first in acid-all while he is still alive! NOT epitomising his ‘supposed’ death because in doing so, the army are only glorifying his memory and giving his followers (and other jihadists) a reason to mystify him and make him a god in their hearts, the same way Tupac is to hiphop followers…. Crush their dreams by indeed proving once and for all that its their leader whom they so much believe in his invinciblity, that’s lying there, STONE-DEAD! as all the scores of ‘mere-humans’ he brought death upon too!!…. *sips my fanta*
But of course what do i know about army/defence logistics or whatever name they call it. What i know is that THEY are paid handsomely (especially the pot-bellies) to protect us! And they failed to do their freaking job! And this is the only way they can atone for their shortcomings!! Nuff said….


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