Africans spent $7billion on HAIR and HAIR PRODUCTS. And they are crying about Ebola when more than 70 percent live in abject poverty. Now call that the EXTREME example of a society where people don’t care about what happens to the next person. We are talking about ‘individuals’ who spend well above 30,000(naira) on ”christmas hair” when somebody closeby has not had a meal in 3days. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ”enjoy” your life but please stop complaining about ”ogas at the top” stuffing money in their belly when you are busy spending so much too on frivolities. The character is the same, the amount of money doesn’t make it different. You owe the society you live in a good amount of self-less service because the man that came to connect your light, could have as well collected his salary and shunned his job. Because we think paying tithe is only done in the church. That’s why you refuse to give your ”yoruba” neighbour money when she needed it, simply because your ‘igbo’ parents have steady beaten it into you that yoruba people are evil. If you don’t trust God enough to protect you from ‘witchcraft’ when you render help to your fellow man, i see no reason why you’re trusting him to save you from ebola. Its selfishness its not ‘righteousness’. Its only because you are scared of dying from ebola, but you don’t care if your neighbour dies from lack of something you have in abundance.

Already rich people are earning 6million per month just for freaking sitting around and ‘talking’ about ‘the way forward’ for the nation and people are dying of ebola and there is a ”purported” cure that has thus far worked on ”two americans”, Now how many ”africans” have died?? Just two americans ”contracted” the disease and all of a sudden there seems to be a cure and we have to wait till ”next year” before the drugs can be certified and ”mass produced”. Now people should stop bring conspiracy theories into this, we in africa don’t value the life of the next person, we lynch criminals and hail jungle justice which is an age long tradition in our savage society of ”educated” people. And we got the nerve to say that America wants wipe us out?? Damn!! we’ve been wiping ourselves out since, the ebola disease is akin to how we have been killing each other since.
Afterall we have ‘famed’ doctors and scientists that got the best grades in school and won’t hesitate to give you a run down of how good they did and how many awards they collected from various societies and during their time in school. Where are they now? I mean what have they done for society? Going on strike when your main duty is to save mankind and blaming America for trying to wipe us out?
You don’t care if a man in sapele dies of ebola, provided it doesn’t come close to where you live, so why are you really complaining?? Sounds ridiculous to me though. Our fathers at the top represent the most callous example of greed. Trust me, if the cure for ebola is a million Naira that is NOT a problem, even as low as the University students spend a much as ₦100,000 one night on booze and even more on girls and ”enjoyment” so don’t worry for Nigeria, don’t worry for your neighbours, worry about yourself because that’s what our parents raised us to do and thats the reason why we are living in such a backward society.
The attitude of ‘giving’ is not giving the beggar at the gate in church ₦50, its giving your self to the service of your miniature communities to better the life of everybody around you and sadly this is an attribute we africans don’t possess. We thrive on showing off how much money we have and how much power and connection we command. From the man on the street to the man in power: its the same attitude. The only difference is that one has an overflowing bank account and the other doesn’t. The society we live in CANNOT be better now because we are not ready yet, the only chance we have is raising our children to value the needs of the next person, that way we can inspire a generation that will inspire another generation. Remember what is said about bringing a person up in the way he shall never depart from? Our leaders are behaving exactly the way they were brought up. Its a parental issue. Its not the president’s problem. No matter what good Goodluck does, if the mentality of the average Nigerian parent does not change from ”making so much money for my family (alone)”, this country will never change- 

Zed Agubata.


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