Every 27th May, Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate children’s day, usually a public holiday for the kids (Primary and Secondary schools). A day where kids come out and do an Independence day style march/parade in front of a State Governor and other top Government officials. But this time, it’s a bit different. With over 200 Students still missing from Chibok after 6 weeks and the eyes of the world focused on Nigeria, The kids would feel hesitant to celebrate their day with their fellow compatriots still held captive by the Islamist Militant group Boko haram which Means ‘Western Education is an Abomination’.



A few weeks earlier, some of the children threatened to boycott the Children’s day celebration if the Government does nothing to rescue the missing girls, but with the Army announcing late last night that they have located the missing girls and are making moves to rescue them either by negotiating or use of military force, it could serve as a morale booster for the kids.



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