Circuit Court in Accra on Wednesday remanded into Police custody Mustapha Aziz, 30, for allegedly defiling a six-year-old boy in Adenta.

Aziz who pleaded not is to reappear on June 11 before the court presided over by Ms. Sedina Agbemava.

Aziz is alleged to have given some dried leaves to the victim after which he had anal sex with him.

Detective Inspector Kofi Atimbire said the complainant was the victim’s father who lived with his wife and two children at an area known as assemblies in Adenta.

Prosecution said Aziz’s house is opposite the complainant’s house and on April 30, at about 1030 hours, the victim and his younger brother, who is three years, were playing in front of their house with other children.

Detective Inspector Atimbire said Aziz managed to lure the victim into his house and gave dried leaf folded in paper suspected to be Indian hemp for thevictim to smoke.

After smoking, Aziz took the victim behind the boys quarters of his house and made the victim lean against the wall and inserted his penis in his anus and had sex with him.

After some days, the victim felt pains in his eyes and was sent to Pantang Hospital for examination.

During a medical interview, he revealed the ordeal he went through to the medical officer who advised that a report be made to the Police.

complaint was, therefore, lodged at the Madina Domestic Violence andVictims Support Unit and the victim was issued with a medical form to be endorsed by a medical officer.



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