Three weeks later the search for the abducted
girls of the Government Secondary School,
Chibok is still on.
300 girls were kidnapped from their school on
April 14, 2014 and were held captive in the wild
Sambisa Forest in Borno where Boko Haram has a
heavily armed camp of bunkers, tunnels,
ramshackle buildings and tents.
Over 20 girls have since escaped from the hands
of the terrorists.

One girl who recently escaped following an earlier
kidnapping said she was prized as a terror
leader’s wife because she had been a virgin. She
said young female captives were raped up to 15
times a day, forced to convert to Islam and had
their throats cut if they refused.

Since the kidnap, news has filtered back of mass
marriages with girls forcibly shared out as brides,
and some being sold out to border towns in Chad
and Cameroon for as low as N2,000.
Boko Haram has warned that any attempt to find
them will lead to their death.
President sident Jonathan, in a security meeting,
ordered security chiefs to put all hands on deck
to ensure the safe return of the girls to their families.

Source– Nigeria Trent .  .  .


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