Huruma residents carry dead sex workers body to Police vehicle. Photo: The Standard

What’s the worst thing you have found under your bed? On April 27th, a sex worker and her client found a dead body underneath a bed at a lodging in Huruma estate, Nairobi.

The two were going about their business when the bed broke and to their horror found “Kadogo”, a known prostitute in the area. Her partner is a suspect  but the police are still investigating Kadogo’s murder, and have not confirmed the killer.

This not the first prostitute murder reported in the area. Three other prostitutes were murdered in the same estate in 2010.

According to the Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme (BHESP), quoted in The Standard newspaper, every month: ”Nairobi men assault more than 300 commercial sex workers monthly and murder more than 100 annually in the line of duty.”

In 2012, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) made recommendations to make commercial sex work legal. One of the reasons was to protect clients and sex workers from violence and other acts of discrimination.

Source: The Standard


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