This event that has occurred is a tragedy.  These comparisons and coincidences are not meant to “poke fun” at the event, or meant to upset any family members of this tragedy.  My prayers go out to anyone still awaiting news about this horrific event.  This article is meant to compare some interesting facts about the fictional 815 and the actual MH370.

Oceanic 815
In the wake of the mysterious tragedy that leaves investigators searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370, the comparisons immediately come to mind to the TV show, Lost.

The plane used to represent Oceanic 815 in Lost was a Boeing 777. The ABC website for Oceanic Air had a seating chart for Oceanic 815. The title stated “OCEANIC AIRLINES : Seating Chart 777 : ALL FLIGHTS CANCELLED”. At the bottom of the chart are words, “Oceanic 777.” This indicates that Oceanic 815 was a Boeing 777. 


Two main characters in the show had fake passports. Mr. Eko was one. 


And Kate was the other, using Joanna’s passport to make herself a fake one. 


There were 324 passengers on Oceanic 815. 


Oceanic 815 deviated from it’s flight path, turned around, and crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean. 

Oceanic 815 disappeared near a mysterious island not on any maps. 


Investigators have no idea where to look.


There was an actress on board, Nikki Fernandez, from Expose. 



A psychic, Richard Malkin, knew Oceanic 815 would crash. Theories suggest he was possibly working with Jacob, or was being forced by Ben Linus or Charles Widmore to get Claire to the island. Other theories at this link. 

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8th, 2014

The plane was a Boeing 777. 


Two people traveling were using fake passports


According to the manifest, there were 239 passengers. 


MH370 deviated from it’sflight path, turned around, and disappeared in/around/near the Pacific Ocean. 



The plane disappeared near an island not visible on any maps


Investigators have a large search area and no clear idea where to look

There was an actor on board, Ju Kun, Jet Li’s stunt double.


Nigerian prophet – TB Joshua possibly predicted the disappearance of MH370. 


Between the two flights, how do the numbers factor in to all this?
239 people missing on #MH370. 2x3x9=54. 54 is half of 108. The Lost #’s add up to 108. 4+8+15+16+23+42. 
It’s a stretch, but still something to include in this discussion. 

Source: http://chadizzy3.blogspot.com/2014/03/malaysian-airlines-mh370-modern-day.html

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