The University of Ghana, has received more
financial aid from individuals and organizations
in local and international front, to support needy
students and facilitate academic activities.
The World Bank has selected the university to
receive 16 million dollars to establish the West
Africa Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious
The amount is also meant to build up a West
Africa Centre for Crop Improvement into an
African Centre for Excellence, to train plant
breeders, seed scientists and seed technologists.
Vice Chancellor, Professor Ernest Aryeetey,
announced this at the March 2014 graduating
ceremony for 2,534 students at various levels of
the University at the weekend.
He said the Christian Health Association of Ghana
in collaboration with DFID has provided GH
₵25,000 to the University to provide dissertation
grants to master students carrying out research
on topics related to mental health.
The College of Agriculture and Consumer
Sciences has also received scholarship awards
totaling GH₵40,000 from the A.G. Leventis
Foundation for post graduate students at the
college, he said.
According to the Vice Chancellor, the Foundation
has been supporting students at the University
for the past 25 years.
He also said the Students Financial Aid Office
continued to receive donations from individuals
and organizations to supplement the University’s
efforts to provide assistance to students facing
financial challenges.
Ecobank Ghana has presented a cheque for GH
₵30,000 to support needy and brilliant students,
said Professor Aryeetey.
The Women Empowerment for Social
Development in Africa, a non-governmental
organization, has also donated GH₵3,032 to
cover the payment of academic and residential
facility user fees, feeding, books and pocket
money for a level 100 female student, he added.
On capacity building, Professor Aryeetey said,
eight awards valued at GH₵112,000 had been
given out as PhD support grants to faculty
members for the 2013-14 academic year.
He said 33 awards have been made to faculty
members totaling GH₵942,611.00 and since the
2008-09 academic year, GH₵3,200,000 has been
awarded as research grants from the University
Internally Generated Funds.
According to him, the university conference grant
facility has awarded 57 conference grants valued
at GH₵88,500 since May 2013, to provide
support to senior members to attend and present
papers at various conferences.
Professor Aryeetey also said work on major road
construction and rehabilitation started a year ago,
has now been completed, having relied on a GH
₵8-million bond facility.
He said it was unfortunate the aim of reducing the
buildup of vehicular traffic on the campus and
creating a more congenial atmosphere for
academic work, suffered severe hiccups.
He said the university has since taken measures
to prevent the campus from being used as a
thoroughfare which would continue to remain in
Professor Aryeetey blamed negative publicity
experienced by the university on “elements of the
community who stood to lose some of their
privileges and self-accorded entitlements to
University of Ghana assets.”
They had become comfortable from drawing on
the university’s resources without ever giving
He said the university community was committed
to its dictum operation “let’s take our university back”


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