Authorities have said that the objects that
have been recovered from the Ocean in
anticipation to look for the debris of the
missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370,
do not belong to the missing MH370. The
objects have been scooped out of the
ocean off the Western Australia.
The facts have been confirmed by the
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
(AMSA) that a Chinese ship has retrieved
objects from the Southern Indian Ocean on
Saturday. MSA said early on Sunday that it
is believed that the items are not related to
the flight and are more likely to be fishin
objects or mere rubbish.
Retired Air Chief Marshal Houston will lead
a new joint agency co-ordination centre in
Perth. Meanwhile former Defence force
chief Angus Houston has been named to
co-ordinate the international search effort
for the plane carrying 239 passengers and
crew, which disappeared more than three
weeks ago.
The search for the debris of MH370 has
now shifted towards the north on Friday
after new analysis of satellite data.
News Source: The Republic News Network.


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