The whole of last year (2013), Agya Koo was not featured in any Kumawood movie. Many Journalists not knowing the reason behind that started inundating the media with their opinions for the absence of Agya Koo in movies; some concluded his pride on set gives Producers and Directors tough time, others explained how his appeal has gone down.

On OC Showbiz Review, a weekend Entertainment Show on Skyy Power 93.5 FM based in Takoradi, Nana Kwame the Master Planner, the Host of the Show phoned the ace Actor and interviewed him on his absence in movies and inquiring the truth in the rumours circulating around.

Kofi Adu known in movies as Agya Koo who was blatant in the interview made it known that “Let me tell you the truth today, the Producers say I charge so much and using someone like Lil Win can make you get extra casts. But same Producers brought Porpo (Osita Iheme) from Nigeria and paid him more than GHC40,000. My charges are not even GHC5,000”

Asking if Lil Win is popular than him as the rumour mill has it, Agya Koo further pressed “I am in the Guinness book of Record for acting more movies than anyone in the world, Judges, high profiled people like Kufuor and others watch my movies and you are asking if Lil Win is popular than me. I am wealthier than he is and he cannot compare himself to me in anyway. My Production House (Titi Mbofra) raised the standard of local movies in Ghana. We were the saviors of local movies when no attention was paid to local movies”

From the horse’s own mouth, this is the reason for his exclusion in Kumawood movies lately.


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