The watch-night service of the Assemblies of God church atMadina in Accra on December 31, 2013 turned tragic when a member of the church died minutes after ‘crossing over’ into the New Year.

Ms Patience Tetteh, who was said to be in her early 30s, died in her seat at the church while other congregants sung and danced to usher in the year 2014.

Some members of the church expressed shock at her death, since she had actively participated in song ministrations before she passed away.

A member of the Assemblies of God Church, who pleaded anonymity, told the Daily Graphic that Ms Tetteh was hale and hearty when she went to the church for the watch-night service on December 31.

According to the member, who also attended the service, Ms Tetteh joined other members of the church in singing and dancing. However, not long after that, she was seen motionless with the back of her head resting on the chair.

That attracted members of the church to her seat where they realised she was dead.

Her body has been deposited at a morgue in Madina.

The East Legon residence of the late Ms Tetteh was quiet and serene when the Dally Graphic got there.

Ms Tetteh’s younger sister, Ms Beatrice Tetteh, declined to speak to the Daily Graphic despite persistent efforts to get her to narrate the circumstances that led to her sister’s demise.

Friends and sympathisers continued trooping to the house to express their condolences to the bereaved family.

Clergymen from the church were also at the house to pray for the family.


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