Waking up this dawn,
As harmattan greeted,
Dews did blow a gentle kiss,
All white and bright,
Telling my broken lips,
It is a day before christmas.

A weird dawn though,
Devoid of the voices
That characterize a new day,
Where have the hens gone?
For I miss their soothing rhythms,
The season of victimised O’clock,
That will see my crowing friends
Swimming dead in the nicest of soups,
It is a day before Christmas.

As I devour the thought of Christmas rice,
I feel pity on the beings
That have been faithful to me,
Announcing the arrival of dawn,
And making sweet hymns that
Bless the rest of the day,

How I wish to save you from
The oscillating throats of humans,
Who have found sweetness in the
Size of your laps,
And the aroma you add to every
Home this season.

This tribute to every chicken in the world,
About to be made the accompanying
Joy of the season,
Adieu!! In advance….


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