Joy News investigations have revealed a worrying trend in which some senior high school girls are engaging in prostitution to take care of their needs.

The students claim, they are not getting the financial support they need from their families to get through school.

The investigations revealed the girls break bounds from school at night to solicit sex in exchange for money.

JoyNews’ reporter Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah was at one of the popular joints for prostitutes in Accra and reported seeing Akua, a form two student in one of the SHS schools in Accra in a short, revealing skirt ready to trade her body for money at a very late hour when she should have been in her dormitory sleeping or studying.

According to Akua she comes to work every night to solicit for sex just so she can make enough money for her daily upkeep at school.

But she is not the only student engaging in this activity.

Sarfowaa, another SHS student in the Eastern region has similar reasons for engaging in prostitution.

For the brothel owners in the area, girls like Akua and Sarfoaa are a major source of business.

They compete for rooms at the brothel where a fee of seven Ghana cedis is charged for the use of a room.

A man who operates the facility said the school girls come in large numbers. He said they come decently dressed but change over quickly into their seductive attires for business.

Back at Akua’s school, an official confirmed how several girls had been dismissed for engaging in this act.

Akua and Sarfoaa want to stop selling their bodies but they explain that without financial support from their families their dream to complete school will be in danger.

Source: myjoyonline.com


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