The Old Parliament House which is the venue for the Sole Commission investigating Judgement Debt payments and other related matters has been guttered by fire.

The fire which started at Thursday dawn is said to have destroyed documents thats are helping the Sole Commissioner in his investigations.

The old Parliament House opposite the Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum along the Accra High Street also houses the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

Personnel from the Fire Service are currently on scene and have managed to put the fire under control.

Meanwhile, the Lead Counsel for the Sole Commission, Dometi Kofi Sokpor, says the fire that has gutted the old parliament house will not affect the work of the Commission.

That, he said was because the Commission asked businesses and institutions that were scheduled to appear before the commission to submit originals of documents that the Commission needed so it could run photocopies.

“We ask businesses and institutions that were scheduled to appear before us to bring photocopies of originals of documents that we needed and anytime they brought the documents we make photocopies and allow them to take the originals away so I speak to you, the originals of all documents that we had in there, the commission building will still be intact with the originators of those documents.”


Sokpor also revealed that Commission did not have hard copies but soft copies of proceedings.

“As for the proceedings, we have all the soft copies, so we may not need the documents for those proceedings because we have dealt with those documents so we may not need them seriously for any much work because we have the proceedings that we have gathered from all these documents.”
He further noted that the Commission will retrieve documents that it had lost from their respective institutions in a situation where those documents were lost.


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