Nigerians who subscribe to pay TV are now at the receiving end. Most of the time, they say they pay for services that are not delivered. Severally, the management of pay TV companies has called press briefings and customers’ fora to address some of these biting issues concerning their operations, particularly, with off time lost signals by subscribers which lasts for days before signals are restored.

As of today, subscribers are at a loss as to who pays for the lost days. Chikaodili Igwe, a United Kingdom-based Nigerian who came back to the country recently, was at a Multichoice agent office, and said that rendering good services to Nigerians was far from the official policy of the company in the country. “You will lose the chances of enjoying what you paid for while Multi-Choice smiles to Johannesburg, South Africa, with your cash,” he said. Yusuf Kale, who said he has been a regular customer of DStv since 2004 noted that at the initial stage, services of Multichoice to Nigerians were satisfactory, but that as time went on, it appeared to lose focus, “perhaps as patronage increased.”

He said like many of his friends, he has started seeking other cheaper pay TV providers. He explained that the only thing that still keeps him with the company is the European League matches, but confessed that he was prepared to start watching such games at viewing centres.

“I think DStv is forgetting it is now a competitive market, although those other pay TV companies are not as big but Nigerians are beginning to rate them to be more effective. They even have more entertaining programmes,” he stated. Jide Makanjuola, another DStv subscriber, said the cost of subscribing to the company was equivalent to financial suicide. Like Kale, he said Nigerians were becoming more enlightened and that most young users now prefer viewing sites to recharging their decoders. “It pays far better to pay a peanut at the viewing centre and save your money. The man that owns the viewing centre will make his money but you that subscribe at home will lose in the end,” he said.

A subscriber who identified himself as Alhaji Bello queried the pay TV for being disconnected before the expiration date. Others also complained of similar problem but not taking into cognisance the fact that they did not enjoy the services as they should due to the fact that weather conditions and several other factors beyond their control, cut short the times they enjoyed their subscription.


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