Police have now arrested six people in connection with a second investigation into football spot-fixing following allegations that a player rigged a Championship game in return for cash.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) acted after ex-Premier League footballer Sam Sodje was filmed bragging that he can arrange for professional footballers to get yellow cards or even sent off in return for cash.

The Sun on Sunday handed over information on Sodje, gathered over a period of four months by an undercover reporter posing as a middleman for a betting syndicate based in the Far East.

In the video, 34-year-old Nigerian defender Sodje brags that he can arrange for a player to get themselves booked for a £30,000 pay-out, and that he could guarantee certain events in play in return for money.

Fraudsters can capitalise on this through in-game betting, where they put large bets on incidents like red and yellow cards, penalties and even corner kicks.

In the video recorded by an undercover reporter from the Sun on Sunday , Sodje claimed he fixed it for an ex-Premier League player, who now plays in the Championship, to get a yellow card and can even organise similar such events in Premier League games – for a much greater price because of the huge fines for players at that level.

Sodje, who played for Portsmouth and also in the top flight at Reading, even said he was preparing to fix matches at next year’s World Cup in Brazil.


An NCA spokeswoman said: ‘An active NCA investigation is now underway and we are working closely with the Football Association and the Gambling Commission.


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