Anas Aremeyaw Anas gives a speach at Ashesi Univeristy

Anas A. Anas is an investigative Ghanaian journalist who is known for using his anonymous poise to carry out investigative journalism. It is reported that very few people have seen his real face. His works focuse on issues of Human rights and anti-corruption in Ghana and the Sub Saharan Africa.
The top journalist with many acclaims and awards to his name was the guest speaker in Ashesi University today, speaking on the theme “Naming, Shaming and Jailing”.
“It has been a long time since I had a group of students grilling me,” he said “It is good to be here again, and I have come prepared for some hard-hitting questions.” He went ahead to talk to the Child Rights class about the importance of human rights debates in the world and how journalism can help fight corruption in the world.
“I have been undercover in prisons and psychiatric hospitals among others, disguised as anything from a student to a pastor,” said Anas. “In my work I have tried to tackle issues that influence change. There’s no point in journalism that doesn’t affect society. Every piece of journalism must lead to some kind of change. So I have a three step process: naming, shaming and jailing.” He highlighted some of the human rights abuse he has seen in his work days in a footage, all thanks to his anonymous personality. He spent several hours educating the young students.
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