Sarkodie unhappy with Ghana event organizers

Michael Owusu Addo a.k.a Sarkodie has lashed out his discontentment about Ghana event organizers. The young artist who is currently on a tour in America tweeted about how Ghana event organizers maltreat Ghana musicians and rather treat foreign musicians better than them. First of all, he states that the event organizers always put pictures of artists who are not going to perform in event on event posters in order to tap into their fan base. He tweeted “Ghana event organizers always wanna play smart…jst cos u culdnt meet my fee and u still need my fanbase u print posters with my face on”. Upon contacting the event organizers, they denied knowledge of this and rather went behind to print new posters without Sarkodie’s face while the first poster had already gained serious coverage. “when we called them they said they dont know who printed now they printed a new one without my face…but still first one is on sites” he tweeted again. He complains that Ghana musicians are used like disposable plates and this hurts because fans dont know what is really going on. Sarkodie is a BET award winner for Best International Act from Africa and is famous for his frequent slogan “you know say money no be problem”.


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